Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I received a strange letter today from an individual living on the east side (important detail). It contained this message above, and went on a tirade of how Christians are the 'vilest, most evil of people'. He stated that our real belief in Christianity is genocide, and our actual commandments are hypocrisy, greed, racism, 'mendacity' and hubris. He also says 'Try to imagine the torment of tens of millions of women who have been abused, raped, tortured and murdered by evil monsters who claimed to be followers of Jesus Christ.'

My response--------------->

Happy Easter to you too! I suspect much of your anger in this letter is still over your canidate and party losing so badly in the 2004 elections. But with the tone you have taken, it's no wonder why your ideas don't inspire anyone. People aren't drawn to anger and despair, but towards hope. You make many accusations against Christians, many making no sense whatsoever. Christians aren't perfect, but the vast majority love God and love people. Look no further than the recent hurricane in the gulf region, and followers of Christ are literally rebuilding that area from the ground. In fact, we just had a building team return from Mississippi on Easter. There has never been a dark hour of the church, because the church belongs to Christ, and God has been at work throughout time all over the world.

Your response?


8rent said...

What exactly is a "Cartesian gearbox", anyway? I have a philosophy degree and I'm thoroughly perplexed. Politically, these guys aren't Democrats, they're just anarchists...seekers of the penultimate fool's fantasy.

Ah, hate mail. Hate doesn't allow for much nuance, now, does it?

Jeremy R. said...

I don't know what a "Cartesian gearbox" is, but I sure think it sounds delicious if you drop the "gearbox" and add "chicken" in it's place.

little timmy said...

Jon u gotta start updating the blog more frequently bud!