Friday, March 10, 2006

Start getting the word out, as Crossroads takes an Italian turn this Wednesday! Enjoy an authentic Italian dinner made by real Italians in the church! We'll be making Italian sodas, playing Bocce Ball, and most importantly, worshipping God! We'll also continue our heroes study, exploring how David overcame all the limitations others placed on him. This will be a great night, so don't even think about not being there, and bring a friend!


timoteo said...

Yess!!!!!!!! It's finally here!!!! I have been waiting for this night ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!! Ok I'm done. For now.

Mr. Ed said...

Tonight at the wedding reception, we were talking about the lack of proper reception and the possibility of T-mobile's lack of tower coverage in OC.

For those of you who own Razr phones, check out this article on the halt of sales:,2933,187512,00.html

Apparently there's a glitch in the phone's hardware, not the service.

Hold tight. I've been with Tmobile for 8 years, and through a few ups and downs, they've given me less trouble than any other service for the money.

Off topic, I know, but I thought I'd put this out there ;)

little timmy said...

Hey Ed what's the name of your blog or blog(s)? Goulee!

Mr. Ed said...

click on my name and see them all on my profile ;)

Hilary said...

Speaking of Italy, what does anyone think of Memphis getting a #1 seed and Gonzaga a #3

gmledbetter said...

Ha! I love it!

Off-topic(?) but at the perfect time. No respect for Gonzaga and the WCC? Memphis MAY have earned it though.

And Ed, let me know if you find out anything regarding T-Mobile service. My phone has been acting funny for a while now.


little timmy said...

Hey speaking of Chernobl.... Where can i find a mitzefred or a beelzabub? And if you ask me, I thought appalachain st. should have been a #1 seed in the tourney. Watch out for the saluki's!! You're goin down Duke!!!

Mr. Ed said...

I have been having no trouble with my service, except in oak creek. I think there is something wrong with the towers in oak creek (which carry all services, btw)... I know US Cellular customers are having trouble as well.

Oak Creek has never had enough towers, evidenced by the fact that you get great reception in the back of starbucks, quiznos or cold stone, but walk in the front door of kohl's and you lose your call.

I think the towers are placed so they shoot toward the east side of howell but not the other. Remember that cell signals are not like radio. They move in straighter lines.

Try getting a different phone. Motorola phones and a few samsung (the cheaper ones) are known for reception problems. Nokia and higher end samsung are the best from my experience. I've been with Tmobile/Voicestream for 8 years, and have been through the ups and downs. A few hiccups, but overall the best value for the money... and service is usually top notch and forgiving.

Anonymous said...

In response to Tim....

Tim, if you are looking for Mitzafred you can find him on the streets disobeying the law.

Mr. Ed said...

Even better, there is a personal coverage check on the home page of the tmobile site. Some other carriers have this service available as well.

Here, you can enter your address or zip code and see the coverage strength in your area.

It just so happens that the area of Oak Creek that has grown the fastest, Howell from Ryan to Drexel, is the weakest in Oak Creek. But it is a very helpful map, and may alleviate some concerns you have, explaining why certain areas are weaker than others.

little timmy said...

Eddie.. Gabe lives on the east side, not Oak Creek. So that last post was irrelevant to anything he's talkin about when it comes to t-mobile. Not tryin to be a jerk at all, but I just thought I'd let you know. Peace.

Jon A Brooks said...

Blah, east side rots. I would know! Cell phones don't work on lake drive!

Mr. Ed said...

Thanks for the clarification.

I was providing that information for others as well, like Jon, who lives right off Howell Ave. in Oak Creek. Unbeknownst to everyone on this thread, JB and i have been discussing his Tmobile coverage as well.

(See RAZR phone article ref also)

It could also help Mr. Gabe if he has concerns in Oak Creek, where he spends large amounts of time.

And just to let you know, I was asked to give any information on Tmobile concerning reception issues.
"And Ed, let me know if you find out "anything" regarding T-Mobile service. My phone has been acting funny for a while now."
I provided this relevant information, including that nifty link to where you can view a reception map. Hope it serves you well, too!

Hope this helps everyone who is a Tmobile customer. Including Mr. Tim, who happens to live in Oak Creek.

Not to be a jerk at all. :)


little timmy said...

Very nice Eddie. At least we all now know you're maturity level today. I wasn't tryin to be mean at all, Gabe and I were havin problems over at his place on the eastside one night, so that's why he asked you if you had any problems. Have a good day.

Hilary said...

Anybody have anything else to discuss besides T-Mobile coverage?

Mr. Ed said...

Well, thankfully I didn't think you were being mean. :) No harm! Just clarifying why my post was relevant. You seemed to feel the need to correct it, but oh well. Glad we got that straightened out!

Anyhoo, yes Hilary. I agree with you in principle. I would love to have a separate message board where we can continue "off-topic" discussions. But that's already been expressed :-D Yeah, sometimes they do go way off, huh?

So how bout them Panthers?!

P.S. Check out Tim's new brewers' blog ""

It's awesome

little timmy said...

Y'all know I aint got nothin but luv fo everybody in crossroads! And yes if you are a brewers you should check out my blog, I will have a new topic on their soon but I'm having some server problems right now. Thanks Ed.

Anonymous said...

Crossroad Sunday School 3.26.2006

A Beautiful Mind:

‘We all hear voices’-the difference in how you approach life is all in your miind

The mind is an instrument of staggering potential, but its potential is not measured by IQ or academic degrees

John 10:4-5

I must believe that God will really speak to Me

I recognize that I cannot control his speaking

Every thought carries the promise of carrying me into God’s presence

Every time we say ‘yes’ to God we will get a little more sensitive to hearing him the next time

Only God can change a mind

Romans 12:2

Spiritual Pathways

We all experience God’s presence and learn to relate to him in different ways

• The intellectual pathway
• The relational pathway
• The serving pathway
• The worship pathway
• The activist pathway
• The contemplative pathway
• The creation pathway

John 14:2