Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring is finally here! Joanie Wrede sent me this picture from her parent's home in Nebraska, where on Monday they received up to 28 inches of snow! Wish you were here?

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gmledbetter said...

I hope we get at least one more snowfall before the season is over. I still owe Josheo 5 facewashes. And going to the frozen food section(of a local grocer) and scraping the frost off the freezer to make enough for a facewash, just isn't convenient. For those of you who think that is mean, I must let you know that he DID volunteer for a few of them.

Not to mention, I wanted to go skiing once more. I was hoping sometime in April, but I can never guess what the weather will be.

Road trip to Nebraska, anyone?

Also, for those who want to talk College Basketball, it is currently one of my posts at theoccextended. Doughnuts seem to be a popular topic, too. Maybe I'll post something on that by the weekend.

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