Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crossroads Softball Update

Nobody seems to be talking about this in the blog sphere today, so I will. Crossroads softball won both games last night against Calvary. The first game was won 11-7, and the second game was 14-13, I believe. This team is filled with great guys, and it's great fun to play with friends, and WIN! Undefeated thus far, and more to come. I'd like to publically say we have the best coach in the league: Gabe Ledbetter! Your leadership ability grows every day, and it's showing up in our record. Keep it up.


Hilary said...

Take that, Silver!!

little timmy said...

Haha that was awsome Hilary. I must say I was proud of the way our team responded to being down late in the game, we proved that we're a good enough team to win even though we had a bad night. As far as hitting is concerned I thought we did ok minus a few fly balls, but I think it's obvious to all of us that we need to step it up defense. Including myself we made a few too many errors, but with practice twice a week we should be ok. Good job to everyone monday night and lets keep this undefeated streak goin!

Mike Ganiere said...

I would just like to add that the Ganiere era will forever live in glory. 'Twas a wonderful time of ball!

I'm stuck in this hole of Illinois this week and was unable to make it to the games. I'm really excited to be able to come on the monday nights that kelly doesn't work.


gmledbetter said...

Thanks Jon...much appreciated. I finally posted on the xrsoftball blog. I would've done it sooner, but there was sooo much that could have been said, that I didn't know what to post. I kept it short and I'm hoping some of the players can fill in their reflections of the game in the comments section.

If you haven't been to a game, wow you're missing out. We have another double-header coming up this next Monday (8:15 + 9:15), and I know its late for some people, but the team would be extremely gracious to have even MORE fans in the stands cheering us on.

Thanks everyone; fans and players and boosters. BTW-Boosters needed.

PS-This is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.