Friday, February 24, 2006

Apparently, due to an issue with a server, some of you received the crossroads e-mail about 40 times this morning. I'm sorry this happened. Please let me know if you're one of the people affected by this via e-mail at Thanks!


Hilary said...

please share that recipe for that dip we had for Rachel's birthday. Post it on this part of the blog, there is no other discussion to interrupt.

Hilary said...

Here's another comment that has nothing to do with anything else: Anyone interested in playing softball should be aware that games start in April. Start working out, lift weights, and get to the batting cages. I want to see the biggest turnaround in sports history.

amalia said...

justs because its that good.

ranch baccon dip.

2 16 oz. sour creem things.
2 ranch dressing packets.
1 jar of real baccon bits.
some shredded cheese. whatever looks good to you.
and pretzles to dip with.
it should take you no longer than 3 seconds to make this dip.
ok. thats it.