Friday, November 17, 2006

This Monday, November 20th you're invited to Stephanie and Rachel's apartment on the east side to hang out. Come on over anytime after 7:30, and bring something to eat. You'll watch a movie, look at jewelry, and do other girl stuff. If you have questions, you can contact Steph at Steph and Rachel live at 2508 E. Belleview Place, #33, in Milwaukee.


Mike Ganiere said...

I hope you girls have a great time... do each other's hair, put on exfoliating masks, eat bon-bons in your jammies, cry at the movie... then, when you realize how much more fun it is to have the guys around, give us a call.

gmledbetter said...


amalia said...

Dear you know who you are,

Sport: An athletic activity requiring skill, or physical prowess, and often of a competitive nature.

(Prowess: esceptional valor, bravery, ability.)


Anonymous said...

Amalia, what does sport have to do with what Mike and Gabe said??


gmledbetter said...

Dancing is NOT a sport. Even as a competition, you win by the OPINION of another individual on how you did.... right there, you've already lost. A real sport involves an object reaching its scoring destination combined with the individual's/team's skill to get that object to its destination. (i.e.- A basketball going through its hoop. A hockey puck going into the net. A football crossing the goalline/uprights. A golf ball going into the cup.) There are other parameters to what makes a sport, a sport... and maybe dancing fits into one of them, but it is definitely not a sport.

The audacity!

:-) (Amalia)


[This response was written as friendly banter. If you have been offended....get over it.]

End communication

amalia said...

...whatever, you make everything difficult...even 20 questions...and im never riding in a car with you again.

moosegirl said...

Go Jaguars!

Anonymous said...

Gabe, I think you've made a friend.

-William Wallace